Sakarni Gypsum Plaster


Country of OriginMade in India
Packaging Size25 kg
Packaging TypeBag
Compressive Strength9 N/mm2 after 7 days
Shelf Life3 Months
ColorOff White
Water And Plaster Ratio70-75 %
Initial Setting Time12 min
Final Setting Time20 min
Flexural StrengthUpto 3 N/mm2 after seven days
Fineness425 micron sieve pass – 100% , 100 micron sieve pass – More than 99%
CaSo4 1/2H2OMore than 90
StabilityUpto 750 C Without Cracking
Sodium Chloride Content0.01-0.02%
Silica OxideLess than 0.53%
Calcium Carbonate0.08-0.09%
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)Less than 0.05%



  • Super white finish.
  • Good thermal resistance.
  • Great bonding with surface.
  • Excellent strength after drying.
  • Economical


  • Ready to paint surface achieved.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Thermal insulation
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Better, smoother and consistent finish.
  • More durable.
  • Gradual setting time


  • No water curing required.
  • No shrinkage cracks.
  • Low thermal conductivity helps to save electricity
  • User friendly
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Longer Life span
  • Lesser dead load on the structure as it is lightweight plaster
  • Eco-friendly

Application Procedure:

  • Gypsum plaster should be added to water not vice-versa until a homogeneous mixture is attained. (Water gypsum ratio 70 % )
  • Apply Gypsum plaster on the wall and trowel the surface progressively till you attain a smooth finish.
  • The recommended thickness of the Gypsum plaster is 10-15 mm.
  • Finished surface should be protected from continuous exposure to moisture as it may cause loss of strength.
  • Paint should be applied on the surface after the surface is completely dry


  • Shelf life of sealed pack is 3 months.
  • Use the material before 7 days once the bag is open.
  • The pack should be kept away from damp places and stored in a moisture free environment.


  • Moisture proof, fully sealed and tamper proof packaging available in 02, 25 and 40 Kg. packs.


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