Rockwool Slab


Country of OriginMade in India
Thickness25 mm
Size1 x 0.5 m
MaterialFibre Glass
Density48 Kg/m3
Max Temperature750 deg C


SIPLA supplies Rock wool manufactured in India that follows relevant Indian standards (IS 8183) and international standards.

We supply Roxul brand and SIPLA brand Rockwool. We can supply Plain Rockwool or with facings – FSK, Vinyl, Tissue or Metal mesh.

Rockwool is used for Thermal (Hot and Cold) and for Acoustic Insulation. Rockwool has extremely low thermal conductivity and it can be used at a very wide temperature range (from -50OC to 750OC). Apart from this, SIPLA Rockwool is incombustible, fire retardant and non corrosive.

Rockwool is available with us in the following forms:

ProductDensity(kg/cu mtr)DimensionsMax Temp.Facings
Rockwool Slabs48, 64, 96 & 1441m x 0.5m, 1m x 0.6m 25mm-100mm thickness750 CelciusFSK (Aluminium Foil), Vinyl, Tissue
LRB Mattresses100, 120, 128, 144 & 1501.64m x 1.22m 25mm-100mm thickness750 CelciusOne side wirenetting
Rockwool Pipe Sections144Nominal Bore 21.3mm to 355.6mm Thickness 25mm to 100m750 Celcius

Main UsesThermal insulation of tanks, large vessels, steam and other pipes, heat exchangers , ESPs, boilers, cavity walls, HVAC ducts, AHU, Internal duct lining, , roof decks , and other commercial building & process equipment.

Rockwool is also extensively used for Acoustic Insulation for movie theaters, studios, generator sheds and other sound control process.

SIPLA Rockwool is available for both Indian markets and exports market.

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