Gyproc Pro-top Ready Mix Jointing Compound


Packaging TypeBucket
Grade StandardChemical Grade
Physical StateLiquid
Available Size30 Kg
Country of OriginMade in India
Coverage0.51 Kg/m2
pH Value9.5
LumpsNot Present
Wet Density1600 Kg/m3


Features And Benifits

  • Ready-To-Work Product – Water Not Needed
  • Air drying – Drying time dependson temperature & humidity
  • Easy to apply and sand
  • Increased crack resistance
  • Zero/ minimum wastage and reuse of bucket
  • Saves time
  • Excellent workability
  • Smooth high-quality finish

Selecting the correct product for an application can save you time and money while jointing plasterboards.

  • For filling joints and bedding tapes, a product which ‘fills’ the gap and dries quickly is required, so that further processes can be done immediately. Easi-Fill® is recommended for its quick-setting nature
  • Easi-Fill® can be used for the second coat too, depending on the finish desired
  • An air-drying product is required for the finishing coat. Use Pro-Fill® or Pro-Top® Ready Mix Jointing Compound All Purpose for an excellent finish of the joint
  • Easi-Fill® is recommended for repairing joints and treating drilled holes for utilities
  • Gyproc Joint Paper Tape is recommended for the best crack-resistance performance and fire-rated partitions and ceilings
  • Gyproc Drywall Joint Tape (Fibre Tape) is recommended for quick jointing of plasterboards


  • Gyproc Pro-Top Ready-Mix is an Air-Drying ready to use jointing compound for plasterboard finishing at vertical & horizontal joints. It is also used for filling the uneven gaps, small cut-outs and finishing of the internal and external corner joints.

Available Size:- 5, 20 & 30 Kg

Process of Jointing & Finishing

Surface Preparation:

  • Ensure that all fixings, screws or nails, are seated below the surface of the Gypsum board
  • Remove any dust or loose material from the Gypsum board


  • Mix Gyproc Easi-Fill®/Pro-Fill® with the clean water in the ratio of 2:1 to make a uniform paste. Continue themixing for 10 – 15 minutes to form a homogeneous mix.
  • Ensure that no unmixed powder / lumps remain in the mixed material.

First Coat

  • Using an applicator / Trowel, fill the recess formed by the edges of the sheets with Gyproc Pro-Top®.
  • Centre the paper tape along the joint and using a Taping knife / Trowel press the tape down into the Gyproc Pro-Top® ensuring no air bubble remain behind the tape.
  • Immediately apply a thin coat of Gyproc Pro-Top® over the surface of the tape (100-150 mm wide).
  • Allow it to dry

Second Coat

  • Apply a second coat of Gyproc Pro-Top® with an Applicator / Trowel.
  • Ensure that this coat extends outside the area of the first coat (200-250 mm wide).
  • Allow to thoroughly dry and scrape back any build-up of compound along the joint.

Third Coat

  • Apply a finishing coat of Gyproc Pro-Top® with an Applicator / Trowel.
  • Joint edges should be feathered at least 50 mm beyond the edges of the previous coat.
  • Allow to dry. Lightly sand in the same direction as the joint using finer sandpaper.


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