Everest Rapicon Wall Panels


    Country of OriginMade in India
    Usage/ApplicationInternal Walls – Residential/Commercial/Industrial, Pre-fabricated Shelter – Internal/External Walls
    Core FillingCement
    Tensile Strength0.35 N/mm2
    Sound Insulation40 dB
    Fire Rating134 Minutes
    Size3000 x 600 mm
    Thickness75 mm
    Standard Weight58.2 kg/m2
    Edge ProfileSquare, Beveled
    Apparent Density892 kg/m3
    Modulus of Rupture3.8 Mpa
    Screw Withdrawal Strength0.37 kN
    Thermal Conductivity0.12 K.cal/h.m deg C
    Axial Compressive Strength420 kN/Meter


    Everest Rapicon Wall Panels are revolutionary drywall system that lets you build 4 times faster than traditional construction while maintaining the solid effect of a conventional brick or block wall. Rapicon Walls comprises of sandwich panels made of Fibre Reinforced Aerated Cement Concrete and Everest Wall Boards. The unique tongue and groove joint system facilitates rapid construction and maximizes space utilization. Everest Rapicon Wall Panels epitomise an extremely speedy and elegant wall solution, which is compatible with a host of surface finishing choices like point, veneers, texture coating and wallpaper.


    • Everest Rapicon Walls should be handled by at least 3 -4 persons
    • Everest Rapicon Walls should be handled in vertical position
    • A Single Panel should be handled at a time
    • During transportation, edges and corners should be fully protected and adequate packing material should be used at the bottom and sides
    • Everest Rapicon Walls should be handled with gloves to avoid patch mark


    • Everest Rapicon Walls must be stacked vertically. Never stack them horizonatally
    • It is recommended to stack them 150 – 200 mm above the ground level to avoid direct contact with dust, water etc
    • Due support should be provided at equal intervals by using wooden battends under Everest Rapicon Walls for uniform stacking
    • Always keep the tongue side of the panels on the top
    • Position three metal spacers in between the panels, one at the centre of the panel and other two on either sides i.e 900 mm away from centre
    • After stacking, always cover the panels with plastic/tarpaulin sheets when kept in the open

    Technical & Physical Specifications of Rapicon Walls


    Sizemm3000 x 600, 2700 x 600, 2400 x 600
    Thicknessmm50 & 75
    Standard Weightkg/m242.8 for 50 mm & 58.2 for 75 mm
    Edge ProfileSquare, Beveled
    Apparent Densitykg/m3IS:2380 P.3:77892
    Tensile Strength (Perpendicular to surface)N/mm2IS:2380 P.4:770.35
    Modulus of Rupture (MOR)MpaIS:2380 P.5:773.8
    Screw Withdrawal StrengthkNIS:2380 P.14:770.37
    Thermal ConductivityK.cal/h.m deg CASTM C 1770.12
    Axial Compressive StrengthkN/MeterIS:2380 P.8:77420
    Sound Transmission ClassdBIS:9901 (Part 3) – 198138 for 50 mm, 40 for 75 mm
    Fire RatingMinutesBS 476 Part 20 & 22134
    Fire Resistance PropertiesEverest Rapicon Walls are non-combustible and qualify for Early Fire Hazard Indices as per BS-476 Part 20 & 22
    Moisture Resistance PropertiesEverest Rapicon Walls are moisture resistant and are tested as per IS 2380


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